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About Cameron Morgan


Cameron was born in Hawaii to a military family and traveled all over the Pacific Rim before finally settling in Guam for a number of years.  He moved to Arizona in 1976 and graduated from ASU in 1978 and ASU law school in 1981. He was the Scottsdale public defender from 1984 through 1992 and handled hundreds of misdemeanor cases all over the Valley. As his practice became more oriented towards felonies, he tried more cases in the superior courts and joined the Federal Panel in 2001.  You can find Cameron Morgan in Scottsdale, Arizona, taking cases from all over the state.

As a criminal defense attorney, his cases include homicides, serious drug offenses, general felony matters and DUIs. He has lectured in seminars on wiretap and DUI law and maintains a number of appellate and forfeiture cases. His current major cases include a federal class action about the constitutionality of the Arizona wiretap law and a series of appeals in the Arizona appellate system about the constitutionality of the Arizona Implied Consent law.

Most of his clients are referred by other attorneys or former clients and include people from all walks of life.  

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We have represented cases that have hit both local and national headlines.  Here is some of our most famous cases and their newspaper headlines.

The headlines—Arizona Republic

6/5/2013 “The highest paid snitch in DEA history gave false testimony, now he has resurfaced in Phoenix”

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          On 6/5/13 the Arizona Republic ran a front page story on a snitch that the DEA attempted to use to convict one of our clients in a drug case. We found out that this confidential informant had committed perjury in numerous cases from 1985 through 2000 and had been fired as a confidential informant before being brought back by the DEA. We filed a motion to dismiss the case and sent copies to the press and every government official we could think of.  The day after the story ran on the front page the Arizona District Attorney dismissed the case. 

4/1/08 “Cocaine Baby’s dad indicted in gambling ring”

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          We had a client that was indicted as part of a sports book gambling ring. Sheriff Joe was also attempting to forfeit his home, cars and other property.  To add insult to injury, the state attempted to make his children wards of the court because it claimed that one child had gotten into some cocaine in his home. The criminal charges were dropped when the court granted our motion to suppress the wiretap evidence that was the key to the case. The state returned all of his property and paid some of his attorney’s fees when the charges were dismissed. The juvenile court action was also resolved to the satisfaction of all of the parties.  All in all, a good outcome for our client.

5/9/08 “Rapper DMX arrested for drugs and animal cruelty”

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          DMX hired us when he was initially arrested in Maricopa County for a variety of charges.  It was a difficult case had needed the full attention of the client. Unfortunately DMX had other ideas, showed up late for court and ended up with a warrant for his arrest. I withdrew as his lawyer, other lawyers finished the case and DMX ended up in jail for quite some time. This case was a lesson about the client needing to listen to the people he hires to represent him.